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Lucinda Leo - Laugh, Love, Learn About MeHi, I’m Lucinda. I started Laugh Love Learn to share positive stories about life in an intense and sensitive family.

I’ve always known I’m different from most other people. My closest friends consider me delightfully quirky. Other people would probably think me a bit weird if they knew me.

I learned to hide my intensity and eccentricities so well that I ended up in a profession* I hated. Everyone around me said I’d be mad to give it up, though, because I’d trained so long to get there.

From quirky adult to confused parent

Then I had children. A happy, full-on daughter, and a son who’s always on the move, needs lots of quiet time, and puts ideas together in ways that make us giggle. After he was born I retrained as a cognitive hypnotherapist, specialising in  helping parents enjoy their children more.

My search for answers

Meanwhile, I hunted for ways to help our sensitive, intense son fit into the world without changing the essence of who he is. My search eventually led me to a PowerWood workshop. There, to my enormous relief, I discovered what was going on not just with my children, but also with me.

I learned that we just have more sensitive nervous systems than most people, which causes us to respond and react more quickly and intensely to things other people might not even notice. These traits, which psychologists call  overexcitability (OE), mean we experience life differently. We’re easily overwhelmed by sensations and emotions, but our heightened responses also mean we’re capable of enjoying life more fully.

I sat with tears in my eyes during most of the workshop. For the first time in my life I felt understood and validated for who I really am.

Why I blog

Since then I’ve worked alongside PowerWood founder Simone de Hoogh to raise awareness of neurological diversity as a positive force for change in society.

I’m passionate about helping other families realise that there’s nothing wrong with their intense, sensitive children, nor with their parenting techniques. I used to feel so lonely and isolated as a parent, blaming myself because conventional parenting methods never worked with my kids (no matter what everyone else says).

As part of my work  I’ve published feature articles about OE in the Huffington Post and  Juno magazine.

Is your family intense?

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* In case you’re wondering, I was a lawyer. The thought still makes me hyperventilate.

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